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for his talking points on this on jon stewart saying when four americans were killed it is not optimal and that was in stewart's question and this is not going to be an issue that will go away. there is still confusion about how the administration response was both sluggish, sloppy, and incoherent at some times. i think this will be a topic of conversation for sure. >> what's your topic of conversation this weekend on meet the press? >> we'll do it all. we'll talk to david axelrod and rob portman and senator marco rubio as well. >> there are new revelations about the boy scouts of america and widespread allegations of sexual abuse. the organization had fought the release of internal documents and recently lost that fight. nbc's ann thompson is here with more on that. >> good morning, matt. an oregon court ordered the files be made public. they were kept by the boy scouts and involved 1,247 alleged abusers reported to the organization. inside the files are stories that are disturbingly similar to the abuse cases that have marched the catholic church and penn state. >> boy scouts pledge
morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. yes, it was a history-making night for those san francisco giants just pounding the tigers in game one of the world series. the giants beat them 8-3 thanks in large part to that man there. pablo sandoval, some serious flex appeal last night. three home runs, becoming just the fourth player to hit three home runs in a single game during the world series. after the ball game family and friends greeting the giants. sandoval's family was there as expected adding to all the emotion he felt as he talked to us in the locker room. >> you dream like a little kid of being in the world series. to hit three home run is too much for me right now. >> the dream for him and giants fans. it was awesome. he joins the likes of babe ruth and reggie jackson with his three home runs in that single game. get this, he is the first player to hit those three home runs in each his first three plate appearances during a world series ball game. i know christina loren stayed up late for this one. she's also checking the weather. >> i'm sure i'm not the only one. we know you did as we
president of the united states. kelly, thanks so much. here is savannah. >>> heavyweights jon stewart and bill o'reilly have a lot to say about the election. over the weekend they squared off in an online debate. >> reporter: organizers called it the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. for 90 minutes, jon stewart and bill o'reilly traded jabs over the serious, substantive, much of the night was spent on silliness. in one corner, comedy central's disputed, albeit vertically challenged jon stewart. >> the altitude is rough there. >> reporter: the face of fox news took on some props. >> adios, sayonara, aloha, it is boring. >> my friend bill o'reilly is completely full of [bleep]. >> how did two personalities such as yourself, who are almost polar opposites, share willingness to come together when congress can't. what advice would you give congress? >> and what would you like for christmas, little boy? >> reporter: after the lap dance, fire and substance over entitlements. >> you didn't say advertise on the radio for food stamps. >> why is it if you take advantage of a tax break an
with the presidential debates. jon stewart aiming most of his fire, oh, yeah, at president obama. >> there is no red america. there is no blue america. this is only the america that can't believe how bad this guy did in the debate. romney won with the sound up. >> you're entitled to a house and airplane but not your own facts. >> romney won with the sound off. dude. he's yelling at you. look up. look at! what are you writing at that's so important? you know, mr. president, everybody has parts of their jobs that they don't like so much, but they still have to do those things if they want to keep those jobs, and if you don't want to do it for yourself, think of your supporters. look what your performance did last night to one of them. >> i don't know what he was doing out there. i don't know how he let romney get away with the crap he threw out. what was he doing tonight? he was disarmed? where was obama tonight? >> you happy? mr. president, you broke chris matthews! >> he's still broken. you know, at one point, when he's writing, was he writing in his diary. >> playing words with friends. got a coupl
plus calcium and fiber kids need. >>> it is 7:26. good morning action everybody. i'm jon kelley. we start with breaking news. a massive fire at a san francisco restaurant right now affecting three main muni lines in the city this morning. christie smith is on the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. big impact on the west portal neighborhood and for commuters trying to get to work this morning. i want to show you the reason first and that is because the squat & gobble restaurant on west portal still burning this morning. partial collapse of the roof. it also spread to a wine bar, dental office and two r residential units, likely started in the kitchen. big impact on the muni k, l and m lines, not runny because they can't get through the we west portal tunnel. i wanted to show you a picture back here live. the trains sit here, the people get off and get on a bus. the l line goes to 19th. no word on when the tunnel will reopen. in san francisco, i'm christie smith. jon, back to you. >> thank you very much. of course the muni lines heavily affected. mike ino
:26. good morning, everyone, i'm jon kelley. we have a live look from albany middle school where teachers are gathering, ready to hold a vigil for a colleague found dead yesterday. the vigil for james izumizaki will be getting under way. a family member found him dead in his car yesterday morning. police think it was a suicide. just a few days ago the teacher was arrested for alleged lewd acts with a person under the age of 14. police say it was a former student. the alameda county sheriff's department says charges were not filed because that investigation is still ongoing. the albany school district plans to tell students about izumizaki's death sometime this morning. counselors are planning to be on campus. >>> right now let's take it outside -- actually it's tuesday. or is it wednesday? >> it's tuesday, jon kelley. >> i can't keep up it's so hot. >> it's so hot it makes everything more difficult. i'm happy to report this is the last day of triple-digit heat. by wednesday a ten-degree dropoff. this is the reason why. look at this completely clear shot of san francisco. hard to get this
. >>> it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. of course the weather the big story this morning. a rain here means snow up in the sierra and this is what it looked like there in placer county early this morning. wow, the snow coming down. a nice thick blanket of the white stuff out there. no doubt they are sure to get more throughout the day, but let's check things closer here at home. meteorologist christina loren tracking that storm that is moving right over the bay area. christina, what's it looking like? >> oh, jon kelley, just be happy you are already at work because people have to drive through these very strong showers. as we get into the next hour, hour and a half, the weather will be at its worst. we've got a really good-looking line of showers moving onshore san mateo. you can see we've already been hammered all morning long. temperatures today will be on the cool side. 62 in livermore, 63 in santa teresa and 62 in gilroy with winds picking up throughout the day today. i'm talking about gusts potentially at 50 miles per hour, so you really want to take it easy out ther
for autism. jon stewart. >> that's paul rudd. darling. he's in a show called "grace" right now on broadway. >> but it was a fun night and they raised a lot of money for autism. >> aren't you the best person in the world. >> you've been quite funny. >> i felt funny yesterday. we had a three-show weekend and i haven't missed a minute of it. yesterday i had writing i had to do, so i missed the matinee yesterday. i heard it went well. but one of my favorite things is greeting everybody there and thanking them for coming in from all over the country. but thanks, everybody. i'll be back tomorrow night. wednesday, hopefully you got your tickets. hoda and i will be holding wines day wednesday matinee party at gallagher's. >> so come with a sip of something. good news for justin timberlake. it's official, the two who had been dating for five years got married. there were 150 guests there. jimmy fallon was there, adam sandler. there were fireworks and there was a picture -- >> it's in the paper today. hopefully it's just because they're exhausted and not because there's already trouble in paradise.
'm jon kelley. alameda county sheriff's deputies making an arrest in connection with the death of a castro valley woman and a fire set at her house. that perpendiculson is accused killing barbara lachlay. firefighters responded to a fire at her home on october 18th. somebody beat her and set her house on fire. they'll be holding a news conference later on today to announce -- who they have arrested and we will have all those details coming up on our 11:00 a.m. newscast. >>> san mateo county sheriffs releasing this photo of a man they say kidnapped a 9-year-old girl from parkside elementary school. prosecutors say bradley mrazek grabbed the girl inside a bathroom and dragged her down the street. she was fortunately able to escape and run for help. he pleaded not guilty to those charges. >>> right now let's get a look at your friday forecast and rob mayeda says it's a nice one. >> even though we're starting off quite chilly this morning with low 40s and the north bay and san jose mid-40s this morning, not much wind for now, north winds picking up for the afternoon. we'll bring ou
'm doing a debate with jon stewart on saturday in washington, and i'm sure stewart is going to have zingers all over the place, but if you come in with zingers, you sound stilted, all right. they have to just owe car to you, so if stewart says something dumb which is almost a given, i'm going to pop him, all right. but i don't know how, and so romney's got to have enough confidence in his intellectual acumen to get in there, but if he comes in with all this rehearsed stuff, he's just going to come across as a samb by. >> how do you feel about what the polls say right now? do you think romney is truly behind, or is that closer race than some would have us believe? >> i think romney is running a little bit behind but if he does well on wednesday night he's going to close the gap. look, romney has to look ahead. people know how they feel now. he can't say the president did this, that or the other thing. he has to say this is what i can do for you and make your life better. if he can do that, all right, and put the president on the defensive a few times, he'll gain. >> last thing on this, what
morning, i'm jon kelley. it's a great morning for bay area baseball fans. they are all psyched up hoping their teams can pull off a series-clinching win. both coming from 2-0 deficits to force a deciding game five. the a's coming from behind in the ninth inning. coco crisp getting it done and the fans go bananas watching their team rally for another thrilling victory. >> we're going to win, baby! we're about to win! we got this! >> can you believe this? >> no, i cannot. that was amazing. absolutely amazing. >> let's go, oakland! >> it was rally mustard. >> rally mustard does it every time. game five starts at 6:30 tonight. >>> for the giants, a little less drama but still a sweep. they got the victory. they beat the reds 8-3 in cincinnati. they will play one final time in this series. that game starts at 10:00 a.m. pacific time. so more wall-to-wall baseball. christina loren, wall-to-wall weather but i know you're pumping those giants. >> our newsroom is going to be going off as we watch that game. good morning to you. a little spotty activity still over the local mountains. we're expect
dinner for two. chili's -- more life happens here. >>> it is 7:26. i'm jon kelley. a setback this morning for team oracle as it prepares to defend its championship. one of the boats capsized during a practice run yesterday. the boat was towed back to the port and the team will haul back the remaining wreckage today. none of the crew's 14 members were on board, were injured. >>> an update on an accident on the san may taio bridge. >> the bridge cleared of the accident but did not clear of traffic. westbound remains slow. you can see it through the haze. slow off to the 880 side. slowing back into hayward. also the castro valley as well. heading into the south bay, where san jose is gummed up. christina, we have warm weather like today, we often see more motorcycles. >> those two wheelers, watch out for those as well. we're in the 50s and 60s. headed to the 90s today. already at 62 degrees in livermore. that sun is out in full force. hazy and warm later on today. we'll get another fog free start tomorrow. peek warmth with mid-90s on that forecast. jacket weather returns in the weekend. we h
. >>> it is 7:26. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelly. this just into our newsroom, a fire that engulfed the cab of a big rig is out. you can see past the tower of the bay bridge, the smoke coming up here. this was shot just moments ago. that cab we're being told caught on fire at the intersection of 7th and middle harbor road. so far no injuries have been reported. for the latest, let's take you to our road warrior. >> this is the bay bridge toll plaza and the backup here obviously a concern. but from the toll plaza you can see that smoke you saw. i have marked it on the map just below where it says interstate 80. it's in the port of oakland again so it's not on 880 or the bay bridge but is clearly visible from the area. that's what the smoke is for. now we're looking at south 880, very slow from san leandro all the way down into fremont. a series of earlier accidents caused a big backup and it will last all morning. also 680 coming from sunol, heavy volume. and the northbound routes, really slow 101 after an accident at allen rock. also red, i think those temperatures, christina. >> oh
on the new menu. >> the food is great. >> so much better. >> "the daily show's" jon stewart says complaints about school cafeteria food are as old as school itself. >> extree, extree, school lunches suck! >> diane: absolutely devastated. superstar katy perry is now breaking the silence that her new ex-boyfriend committed murder before taking his own life. meantime we're learning more about how the struggling actor savagely killed his landlady and her cat. katy perry is devastated by the murder/suicide of her ex- boyfriend. tv star johnny lewis killed his 81-year- old landlady and even tore her cat jesse apart with his bare hands. her ex then leapt to his death from a window of her house where he lived in a rented room. ♪ katy perry is in japan to promote the 3d version of her movie "part of me." >> a friend says she is devastated. they began dating in 2005 and split up the following year. reportedly over his drug abuse. the friend told "us weekly" she has to separate from him to get ahead and focus on her career. he was in trouble then and she couldn't help him. katy reportedly wrote at l
of sunshine. a beautiful day. 76 degrees. i'm sure the weather is on your mind, jon kelley can't stop thinking about it. over to you. >> i like things cool, christina. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on nbc bay area on facebook. we're back in a half hour with more local updates. the "today" show rolls on. >>> the words were hurtful, the video disturbing, middle schoolers bullying their adult bus monitor earlier this year. karen klein, the target of that harassment received support from all around the world when people saw that video. and this morning, she's here for an exclusive live interview. she's going to tell us how she's going to pay that support forward and try to bring an end to bullying. good morning, everyone. 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the fourth day of october, 2012, i'm savannah gurthrie alongside david gregory in for matt. >> also ahead coming up this morning, steve irwin was outspoken, of course, entertaining, and at times even controversial. especially when he used his 1-month-old son in one of his shows. today that boy is 8
ocean spray 100% and light 50 juices. >>> it is now 7:26. good morning, i'm jon kelley. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job. that news after the meeting that lasted several hours. the board voting to reinstate him as sheriff. to oust him, the board would have needed nine votes. mirkarimi has been suspended from that job since back in march. last night, he and his wife spoke after hearing the decision. >> it's been more than grueling to say the least. and our debt has mounted like you wouldn't believe. >> i always feel optimistic and i feel that bad things happen for good reasons. >> mayor lee had been pushing for his removal. he did not like this decision. following that decision, he released a statement say, in part, the board's decision returns a convicted domestic batterer to lead the sheriff's office. i will do everything in my power to ensure abusers continue to be held accountable. we'll be hearing a lot more about that story. >>> now, a busy day in that weather office. >> oh, jon kelley, it is crazy out there in parts of the bay area. showers and thunderstorm
:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. a memorial service being held today in san francisco for chris stevens. he is the u.s. ambassador to libya who died during a violent terrorist attack just last month. stevens grou up in the east bay and graduated from uc berkeley and uc hastings college of the law in san francisco. he died september 11th when a terrorist group attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. today's memorial service will be held in the rotunda of the san francisco city hall. that will start at 4:30 this afternoon. several state and national dignitaries will be attending, including thomas pickering, a former ambassador, chosen by hillary clinton to review security arrangements in libya. now, some political experts say this is a strategic move by the obama administration, since pickering is conducting the v , investigation, he will not be able to comment on the issue. we'll have continuing coverage as well as a live stream on our website, that service is set to start this afternoon at 4:30. >>> right now let's get a look at your tuesday forecast and
and stop further joint damage before they stop you. >>> it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. in about a half hour from right now a los gatos mom will take her kids to school only to be met by police. she says her two daughters have been kicked out of four different schools for their severe nut allergies. this month van meter elementary school telling edwards her girls cannot go back to that school. the district says it's pause they don't live at the los gatos address they provided. this morning edwards will take her daughters to school even though she has been told not to. >> i'm really hoping that it's not something that's going to scare the girls. i have all of my residency paperwork, everything that we brought to the district originally to sign the girls up for school, we will have with us. by law, the girls are entitled to go to the school in the district they live in, which is los gatos, so there should be no reason for us not to be allowed on campus. >> the family has hired an attorney to file a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit. >>> last night we saw the giants d
and bill murray. the dry asides, the weirdness factor. >> that's a really good one. >> i like that. >> jon stewart, stephen colbert always great as a pair. love to see them together. >> i didn't give a lot of thought to this, but my first thought was al and natalie. >> wow. >> wow. >> that was my first thought. >> stretch. >> eddie murphy, chris rock and robin williams. >> you went for three. >> i like that. >> the dream trio. >> take three. >> okay. take three what, dads would do for their daughters, and al knows as proud dad of two girls, and here's a great little clip of some video of what dads are doing going to "the little mermaid" which every dad loves ♪ up where they walk up where they stay all day in the sun ♪ ♪ out of the sea ♪ wish i could be part of that world ♪ >> even al knows that song. >> i do, i do. my oldest girl, courtney, we would sing "a friend like me" from "aladdin, "can the constantly. ♪ have a friend like me >> you got into a little razzle-dazzle. >> soft shoe on that. the thing i love best about that, sort of this placido domingo style rendition. >> kee
. >> you were there for it. >> it really was a great night. jon stewart hosted. meredith vieira, hoda cot business tom hanks, a whole bunch of folks all to raise money to fight autism. >> christopher walken would have been good. >> could have played the cowbell. >> thank you so much, jenna bush hager. >> marmalade, i like to call you now. >> thank you. >>> up next, the five hottest health headlines from nutritionist joy bauer, coming up. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so jill's dentist introduced her to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do. nyqui tylenol: me, t
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, it's a fun thing. >> jon stewart hosted comedy central tonight, benefits autism programs. various shall we say creative things were auctioned off. including an opportunity to go to the bathroom with actor seth rogen. and guess who won that? donny bid $36,000 to -- i need to know why. >> two things, $18,000, this is not right, guys, it was charity and it was a good excuse -- >> it's on video? >> i didn't think they would air it. nobody wants this. i didn't think they were going to air it. >> of all the things to bid on. >> and you know what? it was a very special experience. me and seth bonded. >> and most importantly for the audience, you washed your hands. >> i hope so, yes. >> you're giving me more money -- >> i'll tell you, jon stewart, he does an amazing thing. >> got to go. adam levine next. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. let's get a final check on your morning commute with traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> still dealing with closures in elkridge, northbound route 1 shutdown that brookdale due to early morning accident. one lane getting by southbound but expect dela
, on jon stewart saying when four americans are killed it was not optimal. that in stewart's question. nevertheless, this is not an issue that will go away. still some confusion on how the administration response on this was both sluggish, slope and incoherent at sometimes, so i think this is going to be a topic of conversation for sure. >> and what's your topic of conversation this weekend on "meet the press," david? >> we'll do it all. talking to david axelrod, senator rob portman, of course, close with the romney campaign and senator marco rubio as well. >> david gregory in our washington newsroom. matt? >> thank you. >>> thank you, savannah. >>> new revelations about the boy scouts of america and widespread allegations of sexual abuse. now, the organization had fought the release of some internal documents but recently lost that fight. nbc's anne thompson is here with more on that. anne, good morning. >> good morning, matt. an oregon court ordered these files be made public. they were kept by the boy scouts, and they involve 1,247 alleged abusers reported to that organization. ins
:18. here again is savannah. >>> thank you. cable heavyweights jon stewart and bill o'reilly have a lot to say and over the weekend they squared off in a spirited online debate. craig melvin has more on the showdown. craig, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. organizers called it the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. for 90 minutes jon stewart and bill o'reilly traded jabs over the serious and substantive, but much of the night was spent on silliness and schtik. >> virtually challenged candidate. >> the altitude is really rough up here. >> reporter: across the ring the face of fox news who took along a few props. >> it's boring. >> reporter: a night tailor made for laughs. >> my friend bill o'reilly is completely full of [ bleep ]. >> two personalities such as yourself, who are almost polar opposites, politically, share a willingness to come together when congress can't? what advice would you give congress? >> and what would you like for christmas, little boy? >> reporter: but after the lap dance, some fire and substance about so called entitlements. >> they advertis
. be culinary chic. >>> it is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. new video this morning of a three-alarm fire at a home in berkeley. it was shot by a neighbor out there. flames pouring out of that home. there were five people actually inside at the time of the fire. one of them was in a wheelchair. had to be rescued by police. the others were able to get out. nearby homes, they were also evacuated. this happened on benevenue avenue not too far from the intersection of college and ashby avenues. the damage so bad out there fire crews say they will have to excavate the back of the home just so they can remove the debris. reports are a propane tank caused the fire but investigators cannot confirm that information. right now, a check on your wednesday forecast. mother nature starting to cool it down. >> she is, she's starting off slowly. she's really going to cool us off as we head into the week. we want to start with a stunning live picture. you can make out the cars on the golden gate bridge. it's that clear this morning. no low clouds to report. as the result, temperatures are going to be warm
morning, everybody, i'm jon kelley. the san francisco board of supervisors all set to vote today on whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi should get his job back. the san francisco ethics commission has recommended that he be removed from office. mirkarimi pleaded guilty earlier this year to a misdemeanor related to an argument with his wife in which he bruised her arm. >>> in other news, president obama leaving san francisco this morning after a quick and very profitable fund-raising swing through the city. the president attending three fund-raisers, including a speech at the bill graham civic auditorium in front of 6,000 people. experts estimating the president raised at least $4 million. we know in the bay area our weather is always priceless. christina loren says a cool start but it's getting nice. >> we're getting paid in sunshine just about every day this week but we do have a slight chance of some showers with an area of low pressure that's been offshore. today it finally moves in. 72 degrees in los gatos, 71 in san jose and 72 in sent teresa. you don't need to pull out
great. eggo nutri-grain waffles. >>> the time now is 7:26. good morning, vsh, i'm jon kelley. the site of an early morning house fire is now a crime scene. this is near the 580/238 interchange. it happened early this morning. after wawards they did find a b inside. they aren't sure how the person died but are calling the scene suspicious. investigators are expected to be at the scene most of the morning. nobody else is being reported inside that home. police not saying exactly who died, but neighbors say a retired san francisco firefighter did live there with his girlfriend. investigators telling nbc bay area they are not far enough into the investigation to determine if this is in fact a homicide. >>> right now let's take it outside an see what's happening on this friday eve. christina loren here to look at another hot forecast. >> yeah, last day of the extreme heat. temperatures are going to be warming up and comfortable enough for you to sit on the warm sand of the beach. in san francisco, 61 degrees, headed towards the 80s. we're at 53, grab a jacket in san jose. as high pressure i
morning, everybody. i'm john p jon kelley. the giants fans gearing up for that world series tonight. of course, the big story for the giant, pitching. barry zito, he is on the hill for the g-men. he is up against arguably the best pitcher in baseball right now, justin verlander. he's allowed only 10 hits and just two runs in three ball games so far in the postseason. one the questions fans out at at&t park will want to know, will this weather clear up in time for the game? meteorologist christina loren is live. she's all decked out in giants gear with our forecast. good morning. >> hey, good morning, jon, as a man who knows sports, you know the giants have a lot to go up against when it companies to verlander pitching. one thing that isp coup it's ra i cooperating, the weather this morning. it's beautiful. we still have showers on the radar, but the cold is a bigger story so let's get right to your graphics. temperatures are in the 50s. even a couple 40s out there. san jose, dropped off to the mid-40s. at 47. 50 in livermore. 50 in sunnyvale. radar shows you we're starting to clear
they stop you. >>> it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the final preps under way for the parade. bob is live on the scene in san francisco. he has the latest. bob, what's happening? >> good morning. we're at fourth and market. we noticed fans showing up at 4:00 this morning. now, 3 1/2 hours out from the parade. you can see there is substantial showing of fans already out here. there are still spots along the barricade where you can actually have a good front line shot. we have a feeling those spots are going away fairly soon. if you are trying to get in the city, mass transit, what you're looking at now, all the other mass transit agencies are running extra service. especially bart, running on a rush hour schedule. if you want to get in here, starting at 11:00 at the bottom of market heading to the civic center plaza, you want to start coming in now. get off your couch, turn off the tv after you watch this and get in here now because it will fill fast. they are expecting over 1 million people. as far as the weather, we have a little break right now. i hope it's g
, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. >>> it is 9:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. the world champion san francisco giants are more than ready for the world series victory parade. a pre-party yesterday at at&t park. fans gave the team a heroes welcome home. take a look at that. pablo sandoval raising the trophy in a victory celebration. >> it feels awesome because i've never seen them in real life. >> the fans mean a lot to them. it means a lot to us. that's what makes these giants awesome. >> that party keeps on rolling tomorrow in preparations for the parade moving into hyper overdrive with one day left to decora decorate. organizers are making sure everything is just right. the ticker tape parade route is from the foot of market street near the ferry building up to market and mcalister and then to city hall. for the parade, san francisco police will be out in force tomorrow morning with more than 500,000 people expected to attend. officers will not stand for the idiotic behavior they saw after they won the world series. they flipped over cars and set a muni bus on fire. the police
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